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Long time, no post

  It's been a long time since I've posted anything here. I almost forgot about this account, had I not been reminded by a purge notice. So what's new with me? For those who are curious, I've been working at a law firm for close to a year now. I've learned a lot about the law, the good and the bad (leaving the ugly out). I'm living on my own, which is kind of nice. I'm practicing Kung Fu, and am trying to write more. All in all, I'm living pretty simply.

  Any thoughts for the day?: Traffic has been pretty bad all around today, for no discernibly good reason. People stayed to the last possible minute in a blocked lane with an accident so that they didn't have to enter the merged traffic early, they merged suddenly causing others to have to slam their brakes, and even more egregiously, they didn't stop at all for the ambulance. It's these kinds of incidents that get me really annoyed, but that's probably common.

  I read in the paper today about an abandoned baby in China that was rescued from a toilet pipe. It's really miraculous to be alive, and hopefully he will forever be a fortunate person for the experience. I was angry and disgusted to read the story, but it was not long before I thought of a joke to describe the situation. For those who don't know me, I often find humor in inappropriate, or even dull situations. What I could say of this child, pun warning, is that he was born in a real crap chute.

  Anyway, that's all for tonight. "T.T.F.N. - Ta ta for now." - Tigger

February 10, 2009

I decided to take a day off today. I needed the rest. It rained for part of the morning (always a good thing). I got up late and didn't get much done. I read "Master Harold and the Boys". It was an interesting play. Hally, the main character is both an Atheist and Darwinist. I have my disagreements with people like that, but the character had other problems as well. Honestly, I felt the character was well written and proved to be believable. I spent some time thinking about my disagreements with Darwinists, but I don't feel like typing them out right now. I'm much too tired and need to go to sleep soon.

I also managed to read a bit more about Chinese philosophical tradition, specifically about the Legalists. The Legalists are essentially socialist. I spend a great deal of time speaking to my mother about their philosophy and my disagreements with it. I also do not feel like recording that information now. I can only say that I sympathize with the Confucians. The rest of the day proceeded as normal. I ate a late lunch, exercised, watched some tv and had dinner. Now I have done what homework I am willing to do and am preparing to go to sleep. Well, this was a short entry for a short day. I hope to get more done tomorrow. I need to fill out that form for projector training. Anyway, "Good Night, Until Tomorrow" - Final Fantasy VII Soundtrack Nobuo Uematsu

February 9, 2009

Well, here's the first question for the day. Why did I start this journal? Primarily, it is because a friend recommended this website to me as a means of contact. Secondly, I suppose that writing in a journal can be therapeutic. There are times when I just wish to type abstractly, and here is a means in which to do so. In high school I often used to have to write journal entries, I suppose that was always a good way to give structure to my thoughts. Third, this journal can be a chronicle of my memories, for things that I will forget long from now. In these many ways, I suppose this journal will be useful.

Today, I began my day getting up late. I was up too late last night playing "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations". Well, it wasn't night when I finished, closer to 10:00 A.M. Anyway, I got up around 2:00 to attend Anime Club, of which I am the current Vice President. We have been having technical difficulties lately in the new cinema building so we started an hour late. What do I remember of our shows today, Kaiji, Chaos;Head, and Bounen no Xamdu? Xamdu leaves me with a distinct feeling of sadness, but that is not entirely a bad thing. I don't know why, for some reason the deaths in the show seem to affect me, even though the characters that die have been turned into monsters. Perhaps I can feel the pain of loss of a character in that position. In a sense, that is helpful in my acting career. More importantly though, perhaps I have a growing emotional connection to death, and where I used to turn a blind eye to it, I can now sense it more potently. Interesting. I like the show, but it does have the capacity to make me feel sadness and pity. Well, I suppose it is good to feel those feelings every now and then.

Chaos;Head leaves me with different thoughts. It always makes me think, gee, wouldn't it be nice if I had multitudes of beautiful girls throwing themselves upon me. Well, it would be nice if even one girl expressed interest in me in that sense. Oh well, a man can dream. I had an interesting discussion with another member on the subject of harems. Honestly, I don't think that many humans are capable of managing so many romantic relationships simultaneously. Most people seem to have difficulties handling a single relationship. At least, as a single man, I am free of the complications of dating, but I digress. It would still be nice to feel the emotion called romantic love at least once in my life. A feeling that transcends sexual desire, it sends shivers down my spine (I hope that doesn't sound strange).

Kaiji continues to impress me, even though the show is tense. I tend to enjoy shows based on the premise of games, because it allows me to see a genius mind at work, and can serve as an example if I ever need it in the future. Anyway, afterward was the typical dinner before returning to the drudge of homework (which I still need to do). There were many more conversations, but I do not remember any of them at the moment. I guess they weren't that important. Well, I guess that about finishes my journal entry for the day. Not bad for my inaugural entry, I managed to examine some feelings and thoughts. Now for a gimmick, I think that I will try to end each entry with a random quote from differing sources. It's a fun challenge but it is one of the things that I'm good at. Here goes, "Ah, the days of my youth, like the scent of fresh lemon." - Marvin Grossberg (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney).